7 (28)Casque Monster Beats

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7 (28)Casque Monster Beats

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quot Network Piracy is actually a poisonous snake coerced to live a grand literature quot Shanda Literature has been so high level position But now Online piracy of this snake has been a grand literary transfiguration of weapons against competitors quot Rover quot quot genius medical doctor quot is really a pretty common aspect of Chinese Net 2 functions But if Baidu Search ranked initially in the link is pointing towards the beginning point of a grand Chinese literature 39 s network br br And click on the link to enter will probably be located inside the so known as quot Rover quot can be a quot new way into God quot is always to talk about how the beginning point of quite a few of his early discussions in the mixed paste the total quantity of words is only 11 000 words even though a quot genius doctor quot corresponds for the chaotic period in the introduction of cloning technology the total length of just more than 3000 words but too much is quot a genius medical doctor quot even the original author quot command under the willow quot the name of a cottage to as quot painted under the willow quot br br The face of such blatant acts of piracy and plagiarism plagiarism to begin with not permit readers Readers angrily message said What have you how shameless there is a saying that excellent quot observed shameless in no way noticed such a shameless quot a reader is a message scoffed quot Oh I laughed and from eye not so tiny very good thick stench revenge pressure alas from the sky you nevertheless pure nausea quot similar message a good deal naturally the starting point of this approach has provoked outrage readers br br Is particularly ironic that just recently a grand literary interpretation senior also stated in public that his position quot Shanda Literature is only one core is copyright We only do two points initially is usually to turn into a grand literary copyright as a production base like an orchard which generate a range of fruit The second is undertaking the distribution of copyright we are now focused on undertaking wireless distribution channels quot br br The senior claimed copyright production and distribution of copyright can be a grand two fundamentals of literature I do not know who will start out high level line in the so called quot Rover quot and quot genius physician quot for a commentary Is this willful misappropriation of other masterpieces banner using a bunch of meaningless characters towards the basic practice of filling the so called quot production of copyright quot If so the so known as quot distribution rights quot won't know what kind of appear like br br Reality inside the cottage quot Rover quot and quot genius doctor quot prior to the grand literature network literature has been playing a pirated copyright defenders as well as the role of victims Grand literary individual in repeatedly claimed that quot piracy losses to the literary web-sites annually from 4000 to 6000 million yuan quot And use legal weapons to quot rise up quot rights 2008 from the Chinese Fujian Province Network v infringement roller Residence Network is of concern the sky Court two officials from the Chinese as a result of unauthorized copying network communication network copyrighted original works of literature had been sentenced to one plus a half about 100 000 yuan fine Additionally the beginning point so that you can combat piracy at successively and Google Baidu search engine decorum two skin court The reason is the fact that the two search engines can search numerous pirated link from fiction br br Unexpectedly less than two years just past from the position and attitude from the Chinese network took location 180 degree alter From the pious defenders of copyright into unscrupulous infringers Seriously modifications factors marshes on the other hand the approach of the sea into a mulberry also too quick too sudden a couple of br br A network of literature from cottage industry for quot Rover quot and quot genius physician quot comment that a beginning point inside the circle set up hard won reputation may well be destroyed for the reason that this approach named disloyal not justice unwise First the starting point in the reader pick up some random words of its eight bad impostor well-liked fiction I 39 m sorry readers trust and assistance is infidelity Secondly the author of infringement the website along with the whole network literature sector the crystallization of such violations injury web site with business practice may be called unjust Finally for their deliberately cautiously shaping the product image such a spoil and destruction and also the biggest unwise br br The analysts said the efficiency of such a grand reason why literature went to great lengths are the interests behind the haunting truth after continuous operation in the capital Shanda Literature Literature inside the network industry has gradually formed a monopoly position With the monopoly can exploit both authors and readers as well as the terms with the signing of Overlord the readers aren't value the function In order to prevent newcomers challenge their monopoly position and start off at a grand literary play a double dealing For piracy just like the performance of an angel for possible competitors the performance in the devil as the brutal greed The majority of readers has develop into the largest victims,Casque Monster Beats
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