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Postby lousang388 » Mon Jan 16, 2012 10:38 am

Science fiction of yesterday has become today's realities, in a lot of approaches. Using the advent of computers, mankinds eyes were opened to a lot of new possibilities. Alleviate our troubles, remedy most any situation,Cheap Hermes Bags, get richer,Cheap Hermes, smarter...the laptop or computer could do anything. Artificial Intelligence could possibly be the answer to the future. However, what does reality teach us?
Can neural networks,Cheap Moncler Jackets, parallel processors,Casque Monster Beats, and multiprocessors, ever compete with the human brain? Take into consideration what today's computers are capable of,Cheap hermes Handbags, then let's compare the human brain, the intelligence that created that extremely pc.
Electrical impulses can travel over metallic conduits, in computers,Cheap Moncler Jackets, at about 1 foot per nanosecond. Which is a billion feet per second! By comparison,Cheap Hermes Bags, the human brain processes impulses extremely slow,NFL Jerseys Cheap, at only about 100 feet per second.
The pc compared towards the human brain
At present,Cheap Hermes Bags, a laptop about the size of a washing machine,Monster Beats Pas Cher, ranks among the most capable. With 65,536 processors to manipulate information, it can facilitate calculations as quickly as numbers may be fed into it. With such capabilities,Casque Monster Beats, Artificial Intelligence may appear to be superior towards the human brain.
Now...contemplate this: How huge may be the human brain compared to that washing machine sized computer system? Very small indeed,Cheap Moncler Jackets! And but...our brain squeezes 150,Moncler Jackets,000 times as quite a few processors into our skull. By far the most great computer of at this time is an "autistic savant",NFL Jerseys Cheap, compared for the human brain.
Can that laptop or computer reason,Monster Beats, like the processor that's suitable there in our head? Can it stimulate emotions, or make rational decisions on it really is own? Who does it rely on to power and retain it? Humans. Humans,Casque Monster Beats, employing human brains. The laptop or computer will normally need our instruction,Gucci Outlet, it will never ever eradicate the need for the human brain. Publishing Articles is really a sound solution to use your brain and profit from your intellect,NFL Jerseys Cheap, and that of other individuals.
Both a blessing as well as a curse, the hardware and software architecture of this contemporary globe is surely most impressive. The human brain remains the original laptop or computer. As a result,Cheap hermes Handbags, any benchmarks accomplished inside the future,Cheap hermes Handbags, will be further testament to it really is awesome style.
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